The Mediterranean Institute of Fundamental Physics (MIFP) has been created in July 2010 by a group of researchers specialised in different areas of physics and working in different countries. The main goal of MIFP is creation of a stimulating research environment where the great percentage of work time of scientists would not be lost on resolving of administrative and logistic problems. MIFP is a non-profit non-governmental organisation which offers efficient and flexible management of international collaboration projects and teaching programs, organisation of international conferences, workshops, schools etc.

This is a Code of Conduct for the MIFP located at Marino, Roma, Italy. Code of Conduct prevails over any other policy or procedure of the MIFP (later referred to as Institute). The change to Code of Conduct can happen only if more than 2/3 of the Scientific Council members vote for the change. Any change must be proposed by a member of the Scientific Council and the vote must happen on the next scheduled Board meeting.

Institute is governed by Scientific Council (later referred to as SC). SC consists of Council Members (currently 6) and the President. One of the Members is the Scientific Director of the Institute. SC members choose the President of SC every 5 years by majority vote or at the request of one of the members of SC at the next meeting with 2/3 of the SC members vote. Additional members of SC can be added by the majority vote of SC based on proposal from the member of the SC or any Sponsor Organization which sponsors more than 25% of total budget for a given year can get their representative to become a Member of the SC. Maximum number of Members is 12, minimum 6. Each Member is chosen for 5 year period and needs to be re-elected by the whole of the Institute majority vote for the next term. Membership can be terminated by SC before the end of term by the 2/3 vote. That does not apply for the sponsor position. Member can be terminated and substituted by another one from the same sponsor.
SC meets regularly (minimum quarterly) and decides on the general scientific strategy as well as approves the appointment of the Scientific and Administrative Directors by majority vote on a need to basis.
During quarterly meetings SC approves the addition of the new members of the Institute (majority vote) and also approves the high level spend (all meetings over 50,000 Euro budget, all Capital spend over 20,000 Euro and all leasing/rent agreements of any value).
Also the SC is responsible for the approval of the salary scales for all Admin positions reporting to and including Administrative Director as well as a creation of such positions.
SC is also responsible for creation of all the paid scientific Members positions as well as for the decisions on the remuneration for those. Salary of the Scientific Director of the Institute is also approved by the SC. All the changes above the yearly inflation rates for Scientific Director should be approved by the SC.
Members of the SC should be paid their travel expenses/stay during the quarterly and other meetings for the Institute as well as the Consultation fee for their time spent for those meetings and other functions/work they are carrying on the behalf of the Institute. The fees for the members should be approved by the SC and be in line with International practices and Consultation fees for similar positions in other non-profit organizations.

Directors: Scientific Director (SD) is responsible for all Scientific content and people management as well as Marketing and PR of the Institute.

Administration Director (AD) reports to SD and is responsible for all Administrations, Organization, Finance, HR, Legal, Tax.

Members: The Members of the Institute may have research or teaching commitments in other research organisations, universities etc. The Membership is free of charge, it is granted upon request by the candidate and after approval by the Scientific Council of MIFP.
Some members may hold permanent or fixed term assignments in MIFP subject to SC approval and availability of grant/other funding.

Grants: Any member can request from MIFP management assistance for grant applications/organisation of events and other admin help. Each request should be approved by SD and in case of large spend may need to get SC approval. Permanent Scientific Roles: will be financed from individual grants or sponsorships, subjects to SC approvals. Reporting to SD.

Permanent Admin Roles: will report to AD and financed from grant overheads, subject to SD and AD approvals.

Temporary Scientific Roles: will be financed by respective grants, subject to grand owner and SD approval. Will report to Grant owners, Grant Owners report to SD.

Law: Governed by the Law of Italy and EU.

No discrimination by gender, race, or any other type is tolerated by MIFP.

Audited: Once established (annual spend over 1 million Euro) annual financial audit will be performed by independent agency.