Member's Presentation

Why the Speed of Light is not a Constant

A variable Speed of Light is supported by the fact that all direct measurements of that speed are basically flawed, because
the “meter per second” is proportional to the Speed of Light. Since it is impossible to measure the Speed of Light
directly, any variations of it can only be obtained in an indirect way. It will be shown that the recent Supernovae data
are in very good agreement with a universe that is slowly expanding exponentially with a Speed of Light that falls over
time, inversely proportionally to the expansion of the universe. It will be shown that the definition of the angular and
standard impulse momentum has to be modified to get a consistent expansion of the universe. And that all clocks run
inversely proportionally to the red-shift z+1. General Relativity remains valid even with a varying Speed of Light and
also Quantum Mechanics is unaffected.

Authors: P.Smeulders - Sutton Courtenay,UK